Why Something Else?

Although Egypt is making considerable efforts to develop access to culture in general, it still remains underendowed and isolated, a paradox when considered that it was for millennia one of the worldwide richest culture and art producing countries.

Culture has always been synonymous of exchange and confrontation between different referential spheres that generates innovation and brings the artistic community to the next level. In the past few years, Egyptian artists and art production from Egypt have been labeled within the context of the revolution which led to the reduction of the artistic expression to certain images connected to certain events and imprinted in the mind of the worldwide art scene when thinking of art from Egypt. Nonetheless, few artists were able to escape this labeling and became internationally recognized outside that context. A project such as OFF Biennale Cairo intends to push further for a progressive presentation of the art scene in Egypt and to move away from stereotypes by creating this dynamic and fresh space of expression beyond the expected.

Moreover, this project intends to build solid relationships between Egypt and the world in the field of contemporary art. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to the progression of a contemporary art culture within Egypt, based on the participation of contemporary artists in different fields with different modes of expression through visual arts. It intends as well to open new communication channels to the international contemporary art scene to allow mutual enrichment, open new and alternative horizons, pass frontiers and to explore Africa, the Middle East and Gulf countries. This is the way to Something Else.