Something Else, Off Biennale Cairo is a contemporary, non-profit independent visual arts initiative that attempts to support Egyptian and international contemporary art. The first activity within this initiative is organizing an international one-month contemporary art event starting November 28th, 2015. The event will consist of art exhibitions, art performances, films, Music, diverse workshops, street art, talks and lectures by local as well as international artists and art connoisseurs that will take place in diverse art and cultural spaces in Cairo. Something Else, Off Biennale Cairo has already invited several local and international art practitioners (well known, mid-career and emerging artists) to participate in the event in order to realize its different aspects. The event aims to shake the grounds and attract international attention to Egypt as a vibrant art producer within the regional and international art scene.

It is our aim to facilitate the reinfusion of some spirituality in our modern times. By spirituality, we do not mean religion, but emotion, reflection and sharing. We are going to try to establish a new relationship between the society and the artists, and work in the fabric of new social relations: «When working on the history of the working class’ emancipation, I realized that it did absolutely only translate the passage from an ignorance to a knowledge, nor the expression of some identity or a given culture, but rather as a way as crossing the borders that define identities. All my work has been focused on that question that I have named “sharing of the sensitive”: how, within a given space, is organized the perception of one’s world, how want relates a sensitive experience to intelligible modes of expression.»

The sharing of the sensitive is the key word of our action. We want to initiate a moment that will not be exclusive, but inclusive. We wish to create a new togetherness, by the way we shall be inviting everyone to join us, and the way we shall display the different components all around the city in order to create a vibrant environment for all.

Something Else is, in other worlds a new manner to envision our lives and the opportunity to question our certitudes, be it on a social level or on an artistic level. All participants will be asked to come up with new ideas, new reflections, new practices that will pull all of us out of our comfort zones. Artists (young and confirmed), gallerists, intellectuals, writers, curators,… our intention is to challenge all the stakeholders of the cultural scene.» Simon Njami – Curator.


Simon Njami

Simon Njami (born in 1962 in Lausanne) is a writer and an independent curator, lecturer, art critic and essayist. Njami is the co-founder of Revue Noire, a journal of contemporary African and extra-occidental art.

His new exhibition «The Divine Comedy – Heaven, Hell, Purga- tory by Contemporary African Artists» was previously shown at The SCAD Museum of Art from October 16 to January 25 and at MMK (Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main) in 2014.