The workshop is limited to 15 participantes.

AtWork is an educational format, conceived by lettera27 and Simon Njami, which uses the creative process to stimulate critical thinking and debate among the participants.

The key element of AtWork is a workshop conducted by an artist or a curator on the chosen topic. The topic stimulates the collective discussion and a personal self-reflection on the issues of identity, the role of art and culture in the society at large, the importance of critical thinking in any artistic practice.

As a final output of the workshop each student produces a personalized notebook, which fixes the process of self-reflection triggered by the workshop. Each notebook takes on its own character and is the reflection of a thought at work.

The produced notebooks are exhibited in an art show, co-curated by the students themselves. The notebooks can then become part of lettera27’s artist notebook collection”, unique pieces of work created by different artists on Moleskine notebooks. The collection is meant to reflect the variety, wealth and complexity of contemporary art and is used to inspire future AtWork participants to create their works.

The three day workshop will be held from the 3rd till the 5th of December 2015. The production made by the participants in the workshop will be exhibited in one of the Something Else – Off Biennale Cairo venues for the whole period of the event, following an opening.

According to AtWork structure, the artists production during the workshop will be seen in an online exhibition. A short film will be made documenting the process of the workshop and showing the final exhibition.


AtWork is to develop over a series of chapters which will be written in the African continent following a direct experience which can evolve on the basis of the identity of the narrator, and will, at each stage, benefit from what took place before. It is a process, which will modify and develop following the experience of the people who write it, thus becoming an instrument which provides dynamic systems of interaction with the general public, rather than one which merely presents a finished story.

All the workshop participants become part of the AtWork Community, created on Facebook. The idea is to take the AtWork experience beyond the moment of the workshop itself and provide an opportunity to the participants to feel part of an international community of like-minded peers, breaking the cultural and geographical borders. The community is meant to be a space for the participants to interact with each other, as well as with the hosting cultural organizations, curators, artists and other AtWork chapters’ participants, creating an international network to exchange, get exposure for their work and find out about various calls and residencies opportunities.


AtWork initiative will be part of Something Else that will take place in November 2015.

The three day workshop will be conducted by the international curator Simon Njami. The first day will include a conceptual part and a critical debate, which will be followed by applying the ideas and concepts the applicants have worked on to personalize the notebooks.


We invite visual artists, filmmaker, photographers or writers to participate in our call for proposals in a ten line concept under the theme of Something Else Participants whose ages range from 18 to 27. Please send us examples of previous work through,


If you have any questions please refer to following mailing address:


The concepts will be evaluated by the international curator Simon Njami and 15 of the applicants will be chosen to participate in the workshop. Artists will be notified of their selection by October 15th, 2015.