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Monochrome, Dak'art biennale 2014

Olfa Feki(Tunisia) is an architect and an independant curator. She is the co-founder of « La maison de l’image » in Tunis in which she organised several workshops with World Press Photo, MAGNUM agency, NOOR agency, and ‘Archwork‘ of Matali Crasset.

She was the Curator of Monochrome DAK’ART ( Dakar, Senegal 2014), Next to here- in collaboration with Goethe institute,(Tunisia), Trop visible- in collaboration with Goethe institut,(Tunisia), KLEE, MACKE, MOILLET Tunis 2014 In Bardo Musuem Tunisia, Reporting change in collaboration with World Press Photo, (Tunisia) and the Assistant curator of World Nomads festival, White Box, (New York, USA).

Olfa has collarorated with many artists as Kehinde Wiley  (Photographer/Painter) in Brooklyn,Museum New York, Patrick Zachman (Photographer), Agence Magnum, France and Joseph Koudelka (Photographer), Agence Magnum, France. In 2016, she will be the curator of ‘La Quatrième Image 2016‘ festival, (Paris, France).


Imbued with our authentic culture, our identity and history, the Tunisian artistic stage has managed to reshape itself after long years of forced torpor , be it on a national or an international scale. Tunisia is a country boiling with questions, and so are its artists that have learned to exceed the language of plastic art of which the scope remains limited and unexpressive enough of the present times . Would contemporary art be the only alternative for all that conventional artistic ways could not have expressed? The interdisciplinarity of art that is seen in this country nowadays has enabled the artist, that is interested in literature, politics, philosophy history, aesthetics etc…, to make an easier account of the outcomes of such a sharing tool. This exhibition invites its visitors to travel throughout different renowned artistic Tunisian lenses.




héla_ammarBorn in june 1969 in Tunis, Héla Ammar is a visual artist, PHD graduate in law. Her photographs and installations question the notion of identity  by  challenging  the conventional social, political and religious references.

Since 2003, Héla took part in numerous solo and group shows in Tunisia and abroad  Her work has been showcased in various international biennials and art fairs including, « Fragments d’une Tunisie contemporaine », MuCem Marseille 2015, Bamako Encounters (2015),  Dak’art Biennial, (2014), World Nomads New York (2013), Les rencontres photographiques d’Arles (2013), Dream City (Tunisia) 2010 and 2012, Marrakech Art Fair 2010, ArtDubai 2008, ArtParis-AbuDhabi 2007.

Author of « Corridors » (2015), a photo book on tunisian prisons,  and co-author of “Siliana Syndrome” (2013), a survey on death row in Tunisia, she recently developed a whole artwork around the prison environment.

So far, her work has been the subject to many articles and comments in Tunisian and foreign publications.  Her last work has been featured on ‘Dissonant Archives: Contemporary Visual Culture and Contested Narratives in the Middle East’ coproduced by Ibraaz and Kamel Lazaar Foundation.



PicSophia took up photography at a very young age. At 18 she moved to Paris and joined Spéos – The International School of Photography – then did an internship at the Magnum agency, where she soon turned to photo essay.

Back to Tunis in 2005, Sophia pursued her work in photography through the creation and production of diverse projects and workshops, such as “F… Respectful”, a meeting of the free thinkers of the Arab and Mediterranean world, and also participated in many exhibitions.

In 2010, she spent two months in Berkeley (California), where she worked on the project “Do not donuts in the country…” a mockery of many taboos in American society. When she returned to Tunis in September 2010, on the eve of the January 2011 popular uprising, she embarked on the cover of the Tunisian revolution, and her pictures where published in the international press and on several websites. When the revolt broke out in Libya, Sophia traveled to the Tunisian-Libyan border of Ras Jedir to cover the refugee exodus.

In March 2011, she was recruited for French photographer JR’s project “Artocratie: Inside-Out”. Sophia works around various themes, but always with the idea of documenting a story. To name but a few of the projects she has worked on, the series “Teenage Mothers” was undertaken in Uganda, and “Les Faire Ailleurs” (a French play on words between “The Making Elsewhere” and “scarp dealer”), which tells the story of Western waste stranded in North Africa. The latter was selected in 2011 by the African Biennial of Photography in Bamako (Mali).

In 2013 she’s selected for the second round of Reporting Change workshop to push promising photographers in Mena region made by World Press Photo and selected for the Noor Photography Master Class.

She’s also taking part as a Jury grand member for the “India Africa: Sharing future” A multidisciplinary contest series, in the areas of Business Plans, Essay Writing, Photography and Poster Design, to creates a space for talented young Indians and Africans to exchange ideas about emergent realities.

Alternately working on a documentary series about young Tunisians about thirty years old who find themselves torn between dreams, hopes and despairs. Living in permanent conflict of a not successfully revolution.



© Ahmed ThabetTrained in dance by leading Tunisian choreographers, Rochdi BELGASMI, originally from Sousse, currently lives in Tunis but works all over the world, Keen on dance, since his first steps, Rochdi BELGASMI did everything to realize his dream despite a very social environment steeped in tradition and he became a figure of The Tunisian contemporary dance. Since his meeting with the great figure of the Tunisian folk dance Khira Oubeidallah , Rochdi Belgasmi seems crazy to find the diagonal between local dances and contemporary dance. His choreographic work has led him to travel the world and occur in several dance festivals. Choreographies of him: Trance, haunted body 2011, Tawassine 2012 (directed by Hafedh KHALIFA), Zoufri 2013, Striptease 2013 (directed by Moez MRABET), Al Mansia 2014 (directed by Lassaad BEN ABDALLAH); Wa Idha Aassaytom 2014, Air Braisé 2015 (directed by Lotfi AKERMI) El Zaglama 2015 (directed by Lassaad BEN ABDALLAH) Glaise 2015 (directed by Habiba JENDOUBI).

Photo © Ahmed Thabet


DSC_0327Noutayel is born in Carthage in 1971, his journey is nothing if not atypical. He studied International Relations at the « Lycée francais » of Tunis – which he dropped off to rush off to the « Université Polytechnique » in the Ukraine. He graduated to be an industrial electronics and robotics engineer. Noutayel is a poet who needs to escape the “real world” to let his imagination run wild. Upon his return to Tunisia he spends most of is time creating characters of an imaginary world – each with a soul. They stare at one another expressing their feelings; they ask questions about each other and about themselves, they look at us, without understanding us. Little manifold pieces, unique, made of nothing and of everything whose only calling is to find those who can see them and who will make of them life-long buddies. Noutayel exhibits everywhere in Tunis and abroad, in art fairs and in well-known cultural centers and gallery. 






PortraitBorn in 1973 in Paris, lives and works in Tunis. A multidisciplinary artist, Mouna is holder of a PhD Thesis in Arts and Arts’ Sciences from Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne University Since 1998, she has taught plastic arts at the high institute of Fine-Arts of Tunis. She has won many national and international prizes. She has participated since 1993 in many group exhibitions in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Alger, Bamako, Dakar (prize of the minister of culture at Dak’Art 2010), Geneva, Casablanca, Kolkata, Los Angeles.



sabri« If life is a journey, these are the souvenirs I’m taking home. Every city, every road, every feeling, every adventure. Every woman. All through my lense are mine forever, and yours to share with me. Just pack your bags love, I’m taking you on a trip. »

MAI 2015 / La maison de la plage – Tunis

MAI 2014 / La maison de la plage – Tunis





Hinde-Boujemaa-©-EZ__2115-www.fiff_.be_Hinde Boujemaa is a half Tunisian – half Belgian director. Since 1997, she has worked on several feature films as a make up artist and costume designer, but her passion for drama was so present, that in 2006 she studied scriptwriting in a French correspondence course school. In 2009, Hinde wrote her own feature film Under paradise, which won the Sud Ecriture award at the Carthage film festival. At the end of 2010, when the Tunisian revolution was rumbling, Hinde engaged in filming the events. In 2012, she made her first documentary film, IT WAS BETTER TOMORROW, a dark film about a hard-up woman confronted to her reality during the Tunisian revolution . The film was in the official selection at the 2012 Venice Film Festival and Hinde Boujemaa was awarded the Gold Muhr for best director at the Dubai Film Festival. She is preparing her feature film, UNDER PARADISE.

…et Roméo a épousé Juliette


884326_10151537633233910_1192884509_oBorn in Kef in 1984. Lives and works in Tunis.

Intissar Belaid trained as a filmmaker, she studied at the School of Audiovisual and Cinema in Tunis where she earned her national diploma in 2009. Then obtained her MA in Cinema at the University Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle in 2012. She is currently taking her first steps in the world of visual arts.

“Pousses de printemps” Premier prix compétition nationale des JCC 2015








ImpressionFahd Chabbi was born in 1966 in Tunis. After studying literature, he made several editing stages, writing and execution. He directed the short films “The man in gray suit” (2004) and “Mergoz” (2008). “Pilgrimage to Lamu is his first documentary.



jamilBorn in 1980, in La Goulette, Jamil Najjar obtained in 2000 a diploma as an assistant director within the Higher Institute of Arts and Multimedia Manouba.

He realizes in 2003 his first short film “Offside” for which he won the jury prize at the Amateur Film Festival of Kelibia. Ghasra is his second short film.





LotfiBorn in the medina of Tunis, in Bab Souika, an old cultural and iconic neighborhood. Lotfi Achour attended Sorbonne University to pursue a training in cinema and theater. Then he took part in the Varan workshops documentary filmmaking. Peculiarly drawn by the contemporary creation, He created more than 25 shows in different prestigious venues in Paris, Carthage, London for the 2012 Olympics….

L’Angélie, a show created in Avignon Festival in 1998, and billed as «  The best show in Avignon festival », by Le Soir in Belguim. Lotfi Achour thus became the first tunisian director to occur in the « IN » of Avignon festival. Lotfi Achour is inspired in his work by all his contemporary influences, by working in both arabic and french. His multidisciplinary creations are distinguished by the diversity of the used mids : video, documentary, theater, dance, singing and live music.

He is also the author of many performances, including one created for Nuit Blanche in Paris 2006. In 2009, he decided to return to Tunisia, to create « Artistes Producteurs Associés » with Anissa Daoud and Jawhar Basti, which is a structure for innovative creation that produces movies, theater plays and also music.

He has directed three short movies that have been selected and awarded in several festivals, and also broadcasted on Canal+, France 3, SVT in Sweden and Japan. The last one, « Père », which is currently still distributed, has been selected in almost 60 festivals, and awarded in Abu dhabi, Clermont-Ferrand, New York, Tokyo, Tunis, Saint Denis, Capalbio, Milan…