JeanF“Scattered Limbs of Osiris,” a video poem about the power of an object or a subject. It does consist of a sequence of two films by Egyptian fiction, where the object / subject may end up accidentally in the middle of a documentary film or experimental. This sets in motion a leveraged facet of tricks, that the philosopher M. de Certeau whois a part of a “the daily mystique”, whereby an object / subject offers an unexpected resistance to any framework that is imposed on him.
Mixed size archival video, 8’40 “, 2015.

Born and living in Belgium, JeanF Jans, after a long study and practice in Archaeology and Conservation of Art at the University of Louvain la Neuve and Italy, he naturally embraces art career and videographer which he leads since 2000.

He combines each medium with the size of another medium, gradually constructing an architecture of intuition that prompts the history, affects and collective memory within each job. The results are shown in the form of personal and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States. He is also a founding member of the Collective Clearly (2006), a collective of artists who annually organizes various happenings in Belgium and France.

Since 2013, he deploys his “Laundry” which for, he was invited abroad for a conversation with artists and curators for a healthy lundry resulting in mutual perceptions to create common project. After Houston, Texas in 2013-2014, it is now the Cairo time where he is takinh part in Something Else,2015 with curating the artists Marwa BenHalim, Masoud Hagar and Sama Waly, before going to Naples in 2016.

Recent price: Platinum Remi (Shorts) International Filmfest ‘Houston 2014 for Still Lives.